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Kalea Lifts is a leading developer and supplier of lifts for people with limited mobility. The product range includes a wide range of models including stair, plat- form and cabin lifts

Easy to fit
With its reliable screw-driven lift mechanism, Kalea platform and cabin models offer compact lift solu- tions that require little space and are easy to fit in buildings. The sealed drive unit ensures close to silent operation.
Elegant simplicity
Kalea lifts combine reliable technology with the elegance and simplicity that has become a trademark of Scandinavian design. Platform lifts in glazed, self-supporting shafts provide an airy design solution that appeals to architects as well as lift users. Glass panels is just one of many options that can be used to shape the lift to fit its environment as well as user needs and requests.
Easy to install
A Kalea lift can be installed without pit and requires a minimum of construction work, making it far more cost-efficient than a traditional lift solution. In most cases, two trained lift technicians need only a couple of days to finish the installation.