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Car Lifts with roof covering
   IP1-CM FB42
   IP1-CM DC41
   IP1-CM FF41
  General Information
Car lift provided with covering that can be paved and designed individually (max. load 150 Kg/m ). The visible level system cover is flush with the surrounding ground and can therefore be driven over and be parked upon. It is provided with a water channel to drain rain and snow and prevent overflowing. The car lift is ideal for outdoor installation.
- Platform width: from 285 to 305 cm
- Platforma lenght: from 500 to 520 cm
- Customised dimensions on demend
- Totally hot dip galvanized
- Load: 2000 or 2500 kg
- Rain or snow collection channel
- Totally concealed unit
- Top coverture platform ready for customized flooring ( max. 150 kg sq.m)
- Safety sensors
- Drivable or parkable coverture upto 3.000 kg.
- During lifting/lowering operation eventuals cars parked, need to be removed-
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