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Car Lifts with roof covering  
   IP1-CM FB42
   IP1-CM DC41
   IP1-CM FF41
General Information
Car lifts, with a roof covering, that disappear into the ground becoming invisible. The roof of the car lift is at the same level as the courtyard/garden and has a capacity up to 2,700 kg (during the ascent and descent phases, the car parked on the floor with the covering must be removed). Systems with 2 or 4 side columns. A wide range of possibilities of finishes and roof covering, can be paved (max. 150 kg / m²) according to the tones and aesthetics of the building allowing for the perfect integration of the system with the architecture. The size and the capacity of the platform can be customised according to client requirements. System ideal for outdoor installation. Suitable peripheral channel to collect rainwater and prevent flooding of lower floors. Systems can also be used as a goods lift.
- Instead of a traditional ramp to reach the garage to connect two levels, possibility to save from 50 to 70m,
  increasing therefore the number of car spaces
- Usage of the space, which is usually reserved for the ramp,to create a garden or a patio
- Special load and platform dimensions can be manufactured on request
- Low energy consumption
- Totally hot dip galvanized
- Antitheft safety
- Avant-garde technology at the highest quality standards
- Recommended for long term parking
- Ideal for private houses, hotels, rebuilding, new home building, residential buildings, condominiums,
  renovations, car dealing centres, retrofitting of city houses, accesses to garden or backyards