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Car lift for the carriage of cars/goods  
   IP1-HMT V02
   IP1-HMT V03
  General Information
IdealPark car lifts HM series for a travel up to 11,9 m are the most economic solution for those building with no space to build a ramp to connect two or more levels. HM serie allows to drive cars to upper/lower level with only 15 sq.m surface use, which is usually reserved for the ramp, where a garden, a patio or additional parking spaces can be realized. IdealPark, additionally, may supplies gates, doors thus saving time by having a single supplier providing the complete, job site done. Idealpark offer a wide selection of doors to satisfy any functional and aesthetic need while guaranteeing maximum safety and user reliability.
- on board driver during lifting or lowering of the car lift
- Instead of a traditional ramp to reach the parking floor to connect two or more levels,
  saving 50 /70 sq.mt, increasing number of parking stall
- Use of the surface space, which is usually dedicated to ramp, for garden or additiona parking spaces
- Antitheft safety
- "Top of Art" technology at the highest safety and quality standards
- Recommended for long term parking
- Ideal for family houses, hotels, rebuilding, new home building, residential buildings, condominiums,
  renovations, car dealing centres, retrofitting of city houses, accesses to garden or backyards