HIRO 160 stair lift – the space-saving solution for the inner side of curved staircases
In many houses is not possible to run the stair lift along the outer side of a curved staircase, because, for example, a door might interrupt its path. In this case, the lift is fitted on the inner side of the staircase. In this way, several floor levels can be connected in tight and therefore space-saving curves without interruption. But such a solution can also be interesting for all other types of staircase, since the inner guide lifts offer a number of advantages:
shorter travel path
more space on the stairs themselves, since the steep inner part of the stairs is not usually used when
climbing the stairs
winding stairs are easier to climb
Data and facts:
Type : Stair lift for the inner side of curved staircases, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
Drive : patented traction drive ensures gently gliding operation
Guide rails : lift runs on two polished stainless steel tubes that are fitted on the inner side of the stairs
Operating controls : via control unit in the armrest, radio remote control unit or control unit on a spiral cable
Speed : 0,1 m/s
Load capacity :

150 kg

Power supply : automatic battery charging - 230 Volts 13 amp fused spur, power is trickle charged to the accumulator batteries whilst the lift is parked on its landing stations promoting smooth efficient operation.
Dimensions : width when in motion 70 cm, when parked 40 cm
Colours and design : 12 different RAL colours for supports and chair, upholstery optionally in 10 different patterned fabrics and 5 different imitation leather covers
Special features : fully automatic, electrically powered swivel seat for ease of mounting and dismounting at the upper landing
    swivel guide rail or folding rail possible: where the end of the guide rail encroaches on a door area, part of the guide rail can be folded up to allow the door to be opened as usual.
type examination :

The HIRO 160 series is independently type approved by the German TUV in Hannover to meet European machinery directive 95/16/EC.